Ghibran Music, Cinematography,Sharwanand Makeover,Funny Atmosphere, Production ValuesGhibran Music, Cinematography,Sharwanand Makeover,Funny Atmosphere, Production ValuesLags inbetween, Few Loopholes,Lead Character Elevation

Raja (Sharwanand), a happy go lucky guy always fails in the matter of love. His love life turns around when he saves Priya (Seerat Kapoor), daughter of Dileep Kumar (Sampath) from a chase. In a low time both Raja & Priya start liking each other. Knowing the budding love, Dileep plans to sideline Raja with a plan. In the meantime, a powerful kidnapping group starts kidnapping highly official people around the city. Due to odd circumstances, Raja kidnaps commissioners daughter and demands a huge a money to the release. Why did start Raja start kidnapping? Whats his problems with the commissioner? Will Raja marry Priya in the end forms the rest of the storyline.

Frankly speaking, performance wise, the movie was a pleasant surprise for me as I knew Sharwanand, the lead hero of the film, only as a talented artist and suitable for artsy films. However, I never knew that Sharwanand had such a hidden acting energy in him. He is surely the makeover of the season and should soon be getting more deserving offers of acting. Seerat Kapoor looks okay in parts. Among the rest of the cast, Adivi Sesh gives his best performance. Sujeeth Sign must be appreciated for his effort to bring him with this new body language. Harish Koyagundla and Nikhil were funny in parts. Tamil actor Jayaprakash, leaves a brief impact. Sampath Raj is impressive in a typical negative role. The film could have fallen flat if both Jayaprakash & Sampath have faltered in their roles. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Vennala Kishore provided controlled performances.

Story of the film is very thin. The film starts with very positive note with loads of energy and fun. Director Sujeeth Sign has made sure to come up with some fresh elements like makeover of lead actors, funny atmosphere with some good musical notes to support the scenes. The script is almost predictable at every point of the movie and hence fails to build much needed engagement as was required to match the fun and the central theme. It could have been made in funnier manner. Narration of the film is good. Lags a bit in the second half. Debutant director Sujeeth must appreciated for the way he handled this film with simple script. Ghibran's music supports the feel and pace of the movie completely. The music grows on you and as the end credits are rolling you feel like loving it. Cinematography is grand but the dialogues and its one liners are just fantastic. D.O.P Maddie has elevated every frame with his camera work. Editing of the film is neat and crisp cuts support the commercial elements in the film. Dialogues in the film are trendy. Even Make Up man should be appreciated for the voguish look of the lead stars. Production values of the film are grand.

The first half of Run Raja Run was quite entertaining with good comedy, songs and dances while the second half unfolds the story and the much talked songs sequences came out well. With a good twists and twirls and a decent climax, second half turned a good watch. Major problem with the film is the typical storyline and predictable narration happens post intermission. Content wise, Run Raja Run is not a unique one but it does not fail to impress you or keep you engrossed with the good entertainment. Run Raja Run makes you spend two hours with regular yet vibrant funny ride. And I don't know about that spring in the step, but it surely leaves a warm, mushy feeling, Despite all the predictability, the sharp dialogue, Ghibran music, lavish visuals and interesting characterization are good enough to make it worth the trip to the theaters.

Sharwanand,Seerat Kapoor,Sujeeth,Pramod Uppalapati,Vamsi Krishna Reddy,Gibran.Run Folks for Fun

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