A Couple from telangana has grabbed all the attention on social media as the wife made a post with a bold status that her husband has accepted the baby which was born to her and her ex-boyfriend. He has accepted this even before marriage and most of them call they are suffering from a mental illness called 'Feminism'. The entire twitter is flooded with messages regarding this...

When we spot a wolf dressed as a lamb, we need to be brave enough to point the finger. In colleges and other affluent environments, what is now passed off as feminism is anything but. Look at all the males flaunting their "This is what a feminist looks like" T-shirts while strutting through workplaces, colleges, and urban streets. At best, these men have done nothing to further the cause of women, and at worst, they have actively harmed it. Anyone now seems to be able to pass for the real deal by merely donning some stuff.

There is a new generation of conservative-aligned women who identify as "feminists" while promoting a 1950s-style role for women in both the home and the business. Men are not the only ones trying to rebrand feminism as anything they want it to be.

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