In the assembly, one mla was seen playing a mobile game and eating paan masala, SP targeted bjp by tweeting the video The monsoon session of the UP Legislative assembly ended on 23 September. After a fierce tussle between the opposition inside and outside the house during the session, now the SP has targeted the bjp by putting two videos on Twitter.

Samajwadi party has shared two separate videos on its official twitter account in which one mla is seen playing mobile games in the assembly and the other eating pan masala. SP has targeted bjp through video. It is written on twitter that bjp MLAs have nothing to do with public problems.

Releasing the video on its twitter, the Samajwadi party wrote, "BJP MLAs tarnishing the dignity of the House! bjp mla from mahoba playing a mobile game in the house, bjp mla from jhansi eating tobacco. These people do not have answers to the issues of the people and keep the house as a place of entertainment. Very condemnable and shameful!'

Let us inform you that the monsoon session of the UP Legislative assembly ended on 23 September. On Friday, the last day of the session, Samajwadi party members staged a walkout from the House. The SP remained aggressive for the first four days as well. On the very first day itself, the SPs who went out for a foot march led by former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav were stopped by the police, but on the last day, after walking out of the house, they marched on foot to the SP office.

After the ruckus inside the house, now the SP has released a video accusing the ruling bjp MLAs.

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