The satta market's bookies have forecast that the bjp may return to power in gujarat, projecting 125 seats for the saffron party in the 182-member assembly. For the other parties, there are no bids. According to the "satta markets," the bjp will retake power in gujarat with a 125-seat majority. On condition of anonymity, a bookmaker stated, "According to our calculation for the "Gujarat election 2022," we are projecting bjp 125-139, indian national congress 40-50, and aam aadmi party only 6-7.

"We are giving the bjp administration roughly 40 paise per seat, the congress 4.50 rupees, and the AAP 25 rupees. Based on our calculations, it is." The bookmakers predict that the congress will win up to 50 seats and the AAP merely six. "There, the reality on the ground is very different. The bjp cannot be harmed by issues involving farmers, the CAA, or the NRC. These three had been crucial in the establishment of the AAP government in Punjab. Since the beginning, the bjp has been in front of everyone. Our calculations won't change as a result of this "a bookie said.

According to the bookmakers, there is betting on who will form the government in gujarat as well. "In the state, the bjp is in the lead. Forming a bjp administration will cost 40 paise. congress costs Rs 1.60 and an AAP government costs Rs 10 "explained the bookmaker. They have kept the price of the party low so they don't have to spend more money because they believe the bjp has the best chance of remaining in power.

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