Turkey syria Earthquake: Save me-I will be slave...

Charles Lister, director of the Syrian chapter of the Middle Eastern Institute, has shared several tweets one after the other regarding the earthquake. In one of these tweets, he posted two photos of Syrian rebel-held areas, in which two children have been told, who was found alive in a rescue operation from buildings so badly destroyed, whose debris could not help anyone. The probability of getting alive was considered to be only 0.0001 per cent. He has shared a photo of a child from the city of Salkin, syria, who was buried under the mattress of the bed as the roof of the upper floor of the multi-storey building collapsed on him. Despite this, he survived. In the photo, this child is seen hanging on the edge of the debris, stuck in the middle of the debris.

Save me and my sister, and I'll work for you as a slave, sir

On social media, journalist Zuhair Alamosa posted a heartbreaking video. 

Due to the roof collapsing, a girl toddler and her younger sister can be seen severely buried in the debris. Take me and my sister out of the rubble, sir, and I'll become your slave, the older girl yelled when the rescue crew arrived.

Small child looking for his parents while eating bread

Syrian journalist Hadi Al ab dullah, a resident of Homs, tweeted a video in which a young child while eating a piece of bread, is searching for her parents, who may have been victims of the earthquake. Bandages are wrapped around this child's hand, in which arrangements have been made to give glucose.

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