Real situation of people in turkey is serious..!?

8500 people died in the earthquake in turkey and Syria. More than 8,000 people have been confirmed dead so far, while the effects of the Turkey-Syria earthquake have not yet been fully revealed. Although rescue efforts have been accelerated, heavy snowfall in turkey has hampered rescue efforts. Due to this, it is also feared that the death toll may increase further. The situation in syria was already dire. Already suffering from cold, cholera epidemics, and poor infrastructure, the situation of Syrian refugees has become dire after the earthquake.
Currently, millions of people affected by the civil war are staying in refugee camps in the earthquake-hit areas of northern Syria. Refugees have been greatly affected by this earthquake. A three-month state of emergency has been declared in Turkey. One of nature's ironies is that a toddler blooms in the midst of a storm amid the loss of thousands of lives. During the earthquake, a pregnant woman gave birth to a child. The mother died after the child was born.Similarly, in a harsh environment where there is misery and hatred everywhere, we can see the relief of the survivors through the rescue operations. The video footage of those rescued after a long struggle is heart-wrenching. Among those videos that are going viral, a video of a woman being rescued is going viral. In the central-eastern province of Sanliurfa, a woman trapped in the rubble of a building was rescued alive by the country's rescue forces with the help of the people of the area for 22 hours.Videos of the earthquake in turkey and syria and its aftermath have gone viral on social media. Shocking videos show people battling rain and snow, and cries of distress and cry for help amid mountains of debris. Tremors of the earthquake, which struck early on a snowy winter morning, were felt as far away as neighboring cyprus and Lebanon. As experts weigh the damage to such an extent that it is the most powerful earthquake to hit this century, it is feared that the current data will be too low and the magnitude of the damage will be multiplied. Following the powerful earthquake in turkey, the country has declared 7 days of national mourning.

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