Chief minister M.K.Stalin has said that the arrest of women wrestlers who protested in delhi is reprehensible. chief minister M.K.Stalin posted on his twitter page about this, "It has been many months since the female wrestlers filed a sexual complaint against a bjp member of parliament. The party leadership has not taken any action against him yet.

Female wrestlers continue to battle it out in the capital. During the inauguration ceremony of the new building of the parliament of india, it is condemnable that those who protested were dragged and arrested. This shows that the scepter was bent on the first day. Is it virtue to stage anarchy on the day of the inauguration, ignoring the President himself and being ignored by all the opposition parties?" he said in it.

The players who were protesting called for his "immediate arrest" and turned to the supreme court for help, which ordered the police to file a case against the 66-year-old. While serving as the president of the Wrestling Federation of india (WFI), the mp was accused of harassing a number of female athletes. He has refuted all claims. While Modi was inaugurating India's new parliament building, the wrestlers attempted to march there but were prevented by a large number of police personnel. Olympic bronze medalists Malik and Punia were among those seized and taken away on buses.

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