Choosing a venue to hang out frequently involves looking for live music and DJs. But what if you spend a fun evening playing board games with your squad and remembering your youth? Is it a little wistful? A few cafes have begun to offer some fun board games due to the city's booming board game culture. The variety of games, which range from Monopoly to Ludo to Pictionary, has been drawing sizable crowds. In addition to these cafes, many other locations in the city, such as eateries, malls, small businesses, and shopping centres, also provide board games to entertain guests.

Get On Board Café

The largest board game café in India, Get On Board Café, with over 2,000 games to choose from, is situated at jubilee hills Road No. 36. They include all kinds of games, from well-known ones like Scrabble and Monopoly to the newest and most intriguing ones like Cleopatra, Abyss, Five Tribes, Codenames, Puerto Rico, and many others. 
These games can be enjoyed for Rs 131 per hour, per person, or for Rs 499 per person for a full day on the weekends. The café even has gaming experts who can walk you through the fundamentals and rules if you're a novice.

The Board Game Café
With Jenga, cards, and other games, as well as delectable food and a lively atmosphere, you can expect a fun-filled evening. Even a separate gaming area with computer games available for a reasonable charge exists at this café in Himayat Nagar.

The Big Cup Theory
The unusual décor of this intimate café in the bustling madhapur district, which includes swings in place of chairs, a clock built into a bicycle's wheel, and posters of legendary films like Pulp Fiction and Gone With The Wind, fascinate guests. Classic board games including Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Chess, Monopoly, Pictionary, and many others are available here.

The Hole In The Wall Café
In addition to its delectable food, this Instagram-worthy café in jubilee hills also tempts guests with board games, bookcases, and wall art. The waiters are quite accommodating and will even explain how to play the games.

Humming Bird Café
At this Instagrammable café in madhapur, challenge your mind to find the ideal Scrabble phrase or simply have fun playing Poker with your buddies.

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