Nine years after its establishment, telangana is still plagued by broken promises. The telangana people have yet to receive adequate compensation for the decades of injustice they have endured, and the bjp administration at the centre has turned a blind eye to the promises made under the andhra pradesh Reorganisation Act.

The narendra modi administration has presented nine union budgets to parliament since telangana was created, yet none of the Act's promised projects have been completed. Among these are the steel plant in Bayyaram, the tribal and mining universities, the irrigation project's national project designation, and an increase in assembly seats from 119 to 153. Additionally, the Centre has not completed the separation of institutions outlined in Schedules 9 and 10 of the Act and has not released pending monies totaling Rs 900 crore under the Backward Region Grant monies (BRGF).
K Chandrashekhar Rao, the first chief minister of telangana, travelled to delhi shortly after taking office to ask the Centre for support while presenting a list of promises made under the ap Reorganisation Act and the state's wishlist. These efforts, however, merely produced empty words without any real action. The BJP-led union government remained silent despite the chief minister, his cabinet, and trs MPs repeatedly bringing up these problems, while some bjp officials in the State began criticising the telangana government for the lack of advancement.

The Centre frequently shown bias towards telangana rather than keeping its promises. While refusing to approve kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) or palamuru Rangareddy LIS's requests for national project status along the lines of the polavaram project in andhra pradesh, it has granted the same status to projects in karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, both of which are governed by the BJP.

For its part, the state government provided the railway coach plant in Kazipet with 60 acres of land and Rs 40 crore. The union administration determined that the nation didn't require a new coach factory in march 2016. But soon after, in an effort to maintain its hold on Maharashtra, the Centre accepted a proposal to build a factory in Latur, Maharashtra, four years after the telangana project.

The steel facility at Bayyaram was another significant assurance that was not kept. The State government promised to transport the iron ore from chhattisgarh when the Centre voiced concerns about the grade of the iron ore at Bayyaram and even provided funding for a railway survey, but in vain. A tribal university and a mining university were also guaranteed to the State by the Act. The tribal university in Jakaram, mulugu district, has been granted 300 acres of land by the telangana government, but the Union government has not yet commented.

Finally, for the past seven years, the Centre has been unable to resolve the interstate river water conflicts between telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The Centre has not reacted to Telangana's proposal for a 50:50 distribution of krishna river water despite telangana having a larger authority over the river. telangana currently only receives 299 TMC out of the total 811 TMC, depriving it of its fair share of almost 100 TMC annually. The State can only reach its full potential and open the door to equitable growth and progress provided the Centre honours its pledges to telangana and takes tangible action, at the very least in the final year of executing the ap Reorganisation Act.

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