A passenger who survived the accident said that the coaches of the Coromandel train were overturned and some were mutilated.

The Shalimar-Chennai Central Coromandel Express train, which was coming from kolkata to chennai, collided with an oncoming freight train near Pahanaga Bazar railway station in Balasore district of odisha yesterday (June 2) at 7 pm. 8 coaches of the express were derailed. Howrah Express from Yeswantpur to Howrah also crashed there.

More than 260 people died in this tragic accident where three trains collided. More than 900 people were injured. A few survivors of this train accident came to chennai by plane. Among them, Adilakshmi, a student, narrated the accident to reporters. He said, "I am studying in Loyola College, Chennai. I had gone to kolkata for an internship. I was traveling back by booking a ticket on the Coromandel Express train.

During this trip, the accident took place at 7 pm last night. I was in box P8. No major damage to our box. Many people in our compartment stumbled and fell after the accident. Many people were injured due to this. After a while the train stopped. It was only when I got down and looked that the train was derailed.

The boxes next to box B6 are not affected much. The boxes before box B6 were leaning next to Baldi. Starting with the engine, unreserved coaches and sleeper coaches were all substandard. While I was watching all this, a train was passing by on a nearby track. The ambulance arrived only 15 minutes after the accident.

Most people traveled in unreserved coaches. Most of them are between 17 and 30 years old. When I walked by, someone was crying. On speaking to him, he said that his companion had died. The body parts came out and he was pronounced dead. We stayed there till 2 o'clock after the accident. After this, we reached bhubaneswar by bus and reached chennai by plane," he said.

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