Perhaps only in telangana does this occur. telangana is getting ready to scout for prospective innovators who can use their breakthroughs to address problems in many sectors, in contrast to other States where innovators scramble from pillar to post in search of assistance and direction.

District Innovation Fellows (DIFs) will be placed by the telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC) in each district to hunt for innovators and work with them. The DIFs will act as a link between innovators and TSIC in order to further their innovation ideas in addition to recognising the innovators.

The goal was to scale up rural innovators' abilities, projects, and make it easier for them to get their goods onto the market. Despite their brilliance, most innovators prefer to abandon their ideas owing to a lack of knowledge or direction on government initiatives or budgetary limitations, according to Shanta Thoutam, chief innovation officer at TSIC.

According to her, TSIC is currently preparing to deploy DIFs, who would get a monthly stipend in exchange for scouting their particular districts for bright innovators and their work. She said that they preferred approaching innovators directly rather than waiting for them to contact the government for assistance.

These DIFs might include kids, educators, former workers, and others. They can assist the TSIC in connecting with innovators by working part-time. The TSIC will arrange for the necessary support, including financing facilities, once the innovators approach them.

The TSIC will make the DIFs aware of their responsibilities and provide training sessions before sending them into the field. The opportunity for exposure, the chance to develop their communication skills, working on course projects, and other benefits would make serving as DIFs very beneficial for the students, she continued. One DIF will be deployed by TSIC in each district, and more DIFs will be authorised as needed.

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