Police shot the raider who entered the Ramanathapuram court due to animosity, killed the youth and escaped.

Shekhar's son Ashokumar (28) of Sivajnanapuram, Ramanathapuram has various cases against him. He is also included in the list of raiders of Kenikarai police station.

Ashokumar, who was arrested last month in the case of assaulting Chanduru of RS Matai area, is out on conditional bail and is signing in the Ramanathapuram Judicial Magistrate (No-2).

According to this, Ashokumar, who was standing to sign in the room of the Judicial Department arbitrator, was cut with a sickle by rowdy Kokki Kumar (28) and Shanmukanathan (22) of RS Matai and fled from there.

The police present at the court rescued Ashokumar and admitted him to Ramanathapuram government Hospital. He is being treated there. In this regard, the special police force led by Kenikarai Inspector Audivel registered a case and searched for Kokki Kumar and Shanmukanathan. Later, Kokki Kumar was arrested near Uchipulli. Suddenly, Kokki Kumar tried to escape after attacking police Inspector Audivel and Assistant Inspector Dinesh Babu.

Then, the police caught Kokki Kumar by firing 2 rounds below his knee. Later he was admitted to Ramanathapuram government Hospital. Meanwhile, the police also arrested Shanmuganathan.

District Superintendent of police P. Thangadurai said: "There has been a dispute between Rowdy Ashokumar and R. Smadhai Sanduru. In this case, Kokki Kumar tried to kill Ashokumar in the court in support of Sanduru.

Koki Kumar was caught near Uchipulli by a special police force led by Kenikarai police station Inspector Audivel. When he tried to escape, they shot him. Thus S.B. said.

A series of attacks...

More than 10 cases are pending against rowdy Kokki Kumar. Kokki Kumar, who was hiding in Tirupur, came to Ramanathapuram the day before yesterday. Yesterday morning, Balamurugan was killed in Pasumpon town and escaped.

Later, he goes to Surya's house to attack him, who lives on Kothar Street. As he locked the house and was inside, the court came from there and cut ashok Kumar, police said.

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