Is the notion of potential simultaneous elections for the telangana State assembly and the lok sabha next year a ploy to deceive the public? Although neither the Representation of the people Act nor the indian Constitution have any provisions that may enable simultaneous elections for the State assembly and the lok sabha, there are signs that such a conversation is being stoked.

Syed Amin Jafri, a senior journalist, believes this notion is being spread to cause confusion and said that neither the Centre nor the election commission of india has the authority to prolong the term of a State administration, which would need to be done if the elections in telangana were postponed. The only other option was for narendra modi to shorten his own tenure at the Centre and cause the lok sabha elections to be advanced by around five months to coincide with the assembly elections in other States, including Telangana.

The present Lok Sabha's tenure expires on june 16, 2024, whereas the telangana State Assembly's term expires on january 16, 2024. Between them, five months had passed. "They will need to add an extra five months to the State Assembly's term in order to hold combined elections in Telangana. That cannot be done using the ECI. The clear-cut requirements of the Constitution on this matter require that the elections be held before the terms are up, according to Jafri, who cited Clause 2 of Article 83.

The house of the people, unless earlier dissolved, shall continue for five years from the date set for its first meeting and no longer, and the expiration of said period of five years shall operate as a dissolution of the House: Provided, however, that the said period may be extended by law by parliament while a Proclamation of Emergency is in effect for a period not to exceed one year at a time and not to exceed six months

Jafri notes that Section 15 of the Representation of the people Act, 1951 permits assembly polls to be advanced, but the notification cannot be issued earlier than six months prior to the date on which the term of that assembly expires. The only way to extend the term is if there is a Proclamation of Emergency, and such a situation is not present. Again, the Act forbids the extension of the term, hence Telangana's elections must be place before january 16, 2024.

In the past, the Centre has imposed President's Rule and postponed elections in Punjab, Kashmir, and Assam. Then, from 1975 to 1977, Indira Gandhi's administration was in power for an additional two years due to the Emergency. However, the circumstances that made this possible are no longer present in telangana, raising the question of why claims in some media outlets were used to spark speculation of combined elections.

In the previous andhra pradesh, simultaneous elections have only occurred five times in the past three decades, with this being the only occasion telangana has participated. That occurred in april 2014, before the State's formal creation on june 2. elections for the telangana, ap, and lok sabha Assemblies were held simultaneously on april 30.

The other four times were in november 1989, when NT Rama Rao was persuaded by the Centre to move up elections that were supposed to take place in march 1990; in october 1999, when the Vajpayee administration fell and chandrababu naidu agreed to move up the ap assembly elections by two months; in May 2004, when Naidu dissolved the State assembly and moved up the elections from october to May; and in May 2009, when the assembly and LS elections coincided.

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