Members of the temple committees should submit their applications to the authorities as soon as possible in order to receive aid. The State government has earmarked Rs 15 crore to offer financial support to various temples in the city ahead of the Bonalu festival. After meeting with representatives of several State government ministries on Tuesday, T srinivas Yadav, the minister of animal husbandry, made the statement. The Chief minister, K Chandrashekhar Rao, "ordered financial assistance even to the temples that are not under the purview of the Endowments Department" after the State was constituted, he added.

3,039 temples within the boundaries of the hyderabad municipal corporation-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>greater hyderabad municipal corporation (GHMC) received financial aid the previous year. As part of the Bonalu festivities, the State government will also offer pattu sarees at 26 temples this year. Funds have also been made available. The minister noted that during the Bonalu festival, "thousands of people visit temples. Extensive arrangements are being made for its smooth conduct under the auspices of the State government in coordination with various departments."

The golconda Bonalu celebration will take place on june 22. secunderabad Mahankali Bonalu and Old City Bonalu will follow on July 9 and July 16, respectively.

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