Hyderabad has been named the next startup powerhouse and has risen to become one of India's top five startup centers. According to 'The State of indian Startup Ecosystem Report 2023' by Inc42, investors have named hyderabad as India's next startup powerhouse based on a thorough survey of over 70 active venture capital firms in India, which included senior-level executives like general partners and principals.

Over the past three years, hyderabad has become a significant startup hub. According to Inc42 data, the city has more than 240 funded start-ups sponsored by 550+ domestic and international investors, totaling $2.6 Bn in funding between january 2014 and august 2023. hyderabad has emerged as one of the top five start-up centers for important industries including e-commerce, healthcare, Edtech, and media & entertainment, claims the research.

Undoubtedly, the city is prospering, especially in industries like B2B SaaS, manufacturing, fintech, and IT. Institutions like T-Hub, We-Hub, and others are there, which has a big impact on this success. In addition, the city is home to a pool of highly qualified professionals from illustrious universities like IIT-Hyderabad.

Institutions like IIT-Hyderabad, IIIT-H (International Institute of Information Technology), and ISB, which together contribute to a varied and highly skilled workforce pool, have helped Hyderabad. Additionally, partnerships between young businesses and esteemed organizations like ISB have facilitated the transfer of expertise and the hiring of top people.

Between january 2014 and august 2023, more than $141 billion was invested in indian startups. In the early years, top-tier cities like delhi NCR, Bengaluru, and mumbai were frequently favoured by investors. However, Hyderabad's startups have recently drawn significant funding. The city possesses all the necessary components for start-ups to not only survive but succeed, securing its status as a start-up powerhouse. These include a dynamic ecosystem, strong government backing, a spectrum of various industries, a highly qualified workforce, and top-notch infrastructure.

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