The special session of parliament is going on from 11 am on Monday. prime minister Narendra Modi

addressed the house on this occasion. On his address, Aam Aadmi Party’s rajya sabha mp from delhi Sushil

Gupta said, Today the country was hopeful that 75 years of parliament had been completed and a decision

was taken to discuss this topic in both the houses. The people of the country wanted that after 75 years, there

should be a discussion on how much progress has been made in education, how many medical institutions

have been built, whether there is drinking water and electricity available in all the houses of the country.

How many representatives stood up to public expectations?

He said that it is a matter of regret that prime minister Narendra Modi did not talk on any of these topics.

Sushil Gupta says that what happened in the journey of indian democracy and in the parliament does not

matter. What matters is how much the elected representatives have lived up to the expectations of the people

of the country? How much work have we done to move the country forward? Today the youth are looking at

the country with hopeful eyes that the elected representatives of the country will do something. Will we do

something for the people of the country, this is the most important question.

Demand to cancel suspension of AAP MPs

Aam Aadmi party leader from punjab and lok sabha mp from jalandhar Sushil Rinku said on Monday

morning before the start of the special session of parliament that the opposition parties have demanded that

the central government should cancel the suspension of the party's rajya sabha MPs sanjay singh and

Raghav Chadha. . They should also get a chance to enter the new parliament with respect. All opposition

parties demand that the suspension of Sanjay and Raghav Chaddha should end. Along with everyone else, he

should also get a chance to appear in the new Parliament. This is their right also.

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