During the Women's Reservation Bill in the lok sabha, rahul gandhi agreed to the bill. But at the same time he spoke against the central government regarding the OBC quota. congress president rahul gandhi, speaking on the Women's Reservation Bill in the lok sabha on Wednesday, supported the bill but blamed the government for the OBC reservation. Union home minister amit shah responded to this in his speech. But now rahul gandhi is being trolled on social media too. User krishna Kumar Murugan wrote on X that rahul Gandhi's brain is as small as a peanut but his IQ level is lower than that of junior Stalin. In his post, he said, “Rahul gandhi should know that OBC reservation was implemented in 1992 after criticizing rahul Gandhi. It is clear that earlier everyone except sc and st was counted in general quota. They don't know how many people were classified under OBC quota from 2004 to 2014. The answer is zero. Because before 1992, there was no policy that an IAS officer who was reserved from the OBC quota could be promoted to the post of Secretary. congress President rahul gandhi has commented on the Women's Reservation Bill. The one who initially supported the bill and said many good things in the end did not forget to attack the Modi government.
Taking a sudden spin on the issue of OBC and Dalit participation, rahul gandhi said that out of 90 secretaries in the Center, only 3 belong to the OBC community. rahul gandhi has now demanded justice for OBCs. However, even if they forget that the congress has been in power for a long time in the country, they should ask their party members this question first."

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