Speaking in the parliament, Su Venkatesan mp, Kattam said that the Union government, which started astrology research institutes, has not started even a single scientific research institute. The special session of parliament is being held in the new parliament building. Members praised the success of Chandrayaan 3. Accordingly, madurai MP. Speaking, S.Venkatesan alleged that the Union government, which started astrology research institutes, has not started even a single scientific research institute.

Appreciating the success of Chandrayaan 3, S. Venkatesan mp said: "My best wishes to all the scientists of isro who participated in the successful mission of Chandrayaan 3.

Using artificial intelligence to determine the speed of the spacecraft and accurately predict the trajectory of the moon landing is a testament to our leap forward in technology.

In the last five years, seven trips to the moon have been attempted in the world. Out of which four have been lost three wins one india two China. I congratulate our scientists who landed the spaceship perfectly at the exact location of just half a kilometer long and 2 kilometers wide.

  But the debate going on in this house since morning is really worrying. Is it a discussion about science or a discussion about Vedic mythology? There is confusion. The minister who started this discussion spoke for so long about mythological stories, I don't need to come to the new parliament to listen to it, I can listen to good stories if I sit in a temple monastery.

Now the mp of the ruling party who spoke in front of me said that in the library in thanjavur there are eight footprints on leaves containing the details of the flight ten thousand years ago. I am obliged to record two things here. There are stories told thousands of years ago, but those stories are neither history nor science. At least I am bound to record at this time that the Modi government has not paid the funds due to the library even for the last few years. The second question is how a footprint can last ten thousand years is an important question. At most, within 1000 years we know how much protection there will be.

How backward we are in the scientific environment india has only 262 scientific researchers out of 10 lakh people while in china it is 2500 people. We are the least number of BRICS countries. Similarly, the funds we allocate for research are 43 dollars per person, brazil allocates 173 dollars, russia allocates 285 dollars. Not only that, the funds given by the Union government from april to september this year for various researches to university students and researchers working in the field of science are zero. The union government is showing Chandrayaan's picture with just a mouthful just like showing AIIMS picture with just bricks.

To top it all off, I am obliged to record two things here. One is the type of rocket developed by SSLV Kalam, the demand for it is increasing today. There is a need to launch more than a thousand satellites a year but today a tender has been issued to give the SSLV rocket to the private sector, which is a job that shows isro in the middle of giving away the profitable things to the private sector.

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