In an unexpected turn of events, the ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi is seeing an increase in new members from opposition parties. The suggestion that there would be an exodus of dissident leaders from the party ahead of the next assembly elections has been disproved by the unexpected surge of opposition party leaders looking to join the ruling party.

The announcement of a list of 115 candidates for the next elections by BRS President and chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao first stoked rumours that unhappy party members may leave for other political parties. Contrary to these rumours, a number of opposition party leaders are attempting to join the BRS, which is largely seen as the "winning horse" in the election.

The BRS has seen a striking inflow of leaders from opposing parties over the last month, ranging from close acquaintances of notable opposition politicians to powerful leaders at the mandal and constituency levels. This surprise surge has altered the State's political dynamics and generated concerns about the tactics employed by competing parties in light of the BRS's commanding position.

YSR telangana party spokesperson Epuri Somanna, congress leader Kumbham Anil Kumar reddy, former bjp kothagudem unit president Koneru Satyanarayana (also known as Chinni), bjp State President G Kishan Reddy's confidant venkat Reddy and his wife, Bagh Amberpet corporator Padma venkat Reddy, and others are prominent figures among the recent entrants.

According to a source, the BRS was deliberately concentrating on luring young leaders from opposing parties in addition to working to win back individuals who had been intimately engaged with the telangana movement but had previously left the party for a variety of reasons. The party's intention to fortify its cadre and widen its base in advance of the elections is underscored by this twin strategy.

The BRS leadership is simultaneously making great effort to strengthen its current cadre, with a special emphasis on preventing the defection of important leaders during the election period. In order to reassure the candidates who did not receive mla tickets that there are still chances within the party's framework, the party leadership is taking aggressive efforts.

Given the large number of applicants and the atmosphere of competition, there will inevitably be some dissidence. A team of top party leaders, working under the chief minister, is speaking with these candidates, assuring them that the party would make effective accommodations, according to a BRS general secretary who spoke to india Herald.

According to sources, the BRS leadership was eager to put an end to the party's dissension by this month and step up its election campaign. The party leadership is determined to guarantee that there are no obstacles in the way of its triumph for a third straight term and is not willing to stop working until the election.

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