Nara bhuvaneshwari blames the attacks on tdp workers who are protesting across the state in support of Chandrababu Babu. tdp chief Chandrababu's wife nara bhuvaneshwari said that tdp is a family and the workers are like their children. He expressed his grief that the workers were being beaten with batons for waving the tdp flag. He said that the way the government is treating the women who participated in the protests against Chandrababu's arrest shows the kind of leadership in the state. nara bhuvaneshwari released a statement to the media on Monday. Condemning the illegal arrest of Chandrababu Babu, bhuvaneshwari strongly condemned the government's repressive attitude of not allowing peaceful protests in the state.

He said that the activists are equal to their children. Those children are being tortured for their parents and are going to jail due to illegal cases. She recalled the sacrifices of party workers who laid down their lives for the party. tdp workers are like the backbone of the party. Without party workers, there is no party. She expressed confidence that tdp workers will not be intimidated by the police. It is painful to beat those who are on hunger strike with sticks. bhuvaneshwari thanked all the workers working for the party. He said that Chandrababu cannot be subjected to mental distress with petty work. He expressed his grief that the government that put Chandrababu in jail with false cases did not even prepare a table for him to eat. He said that chandrababu naidu did not provide a small facility to eat.He said that the table was arranged for him only after the advocate letter was given. They are trying to make Chandrababu suffer mental crisis. bhuvaneshwari opined that no one can cause Chandrababu mental distress with such petty thoughts. Chandrababu is courageous and self-possessed.

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