As violence and skirmishes in the troubled region increased and the death toll reached 41, a 36-hour curfew was imposed on the ancient city. Secunderabad, which had hitherto been clear of the sectarian unrest, was affected by the violence. The first meteorological image of the planet captured by the Insat-1B's Very High Resolution Radiometer (VHRR) has allowed the country's only three-segment satellite to confirm the proper operation of each of its three functions. The master Control Facility (MCF) in New delhi got the photos after 22 minutes of scanning in the visible and infrared bands.

No ‘mini-summit’

Even though PM indira gandhi is scheduled to hold separate meetings with US President Ronald Reagan and british Prime minister Margaret Thatcher on her next trip to the US, both men are rumoured to have declined her request for a "mini-summit" to tackle the third world economic crisis.

Adivasi Deaths
In the Singhbhum district, thirteen Adivasis were killed "sometime last month". Nobody is able to pinpoint the exact time the catastrophe took place, and neither law enforcement nor government representatives can "muster courage to conduct the probe in the thick forest region." The district government was criticised for its "ineffectiveness" by Shivendra prasad Singh, MLC and general secretary of the bharatiya janata party in Bihar, who also accused Christian missionaries of "covertly encouraging the Adivasis to pursue the goal of an independent state."

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