Tuesday saw water leakage from the Kaddam Narayana reddy project, one of Telangana's oldest irrigation projects, as a result of a rope bearing gate number 15's counterweight cracking at the Kaddampeddur mandal centre.

The rope breaking caused water to flow from the gate that was holding water for the project. Irrigation department representatives stated that actions were being made to fix the rope and stop water leaks. Two of the Kaddam Narayana reddy Project's crest gates failed to open on 23 July, creating a hazard to the building and requiring the involved personnel to stay alert.

The State government is considering all of the possibilities available to it for the repair of the Kaddam project, one of the oldest dams that provides a significant amount of drinking and agriculture water. Recent years have seen the projects receive record amounts of water from the catchment upstream, which prompted the need to fortify the project even more by focusing on its weak points.

The State Dam Safety Authority has previously reviewed all of the project's structural concerns. A group of engineers from the Dam Safety and Rehabilitation Project recently presented a report with significant suggestions. Its alternatives are being taken into account. According to engineer in Chief Nagendar Rao, the government would shortly make a final judgement about the report.

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