The arrest of tdp leader Chandrababu is a heated subject in telugu states. asaduddin owaisi of AIMIM is the most recent source to address Babu's detention. Owaisi stated Chandrababu is content in jail while speaking to the group of mim leaders from the telugu states during the party's internal conference in Hyderabad. Everyone knows why Chandrababu went to the hail, he claimed. He claimed Chandrababu and the tdp cannot be trusted. In the meantime, he extolled cm Jagan and his YSRCP administration.

There are now just two political parties in ap, according to Owaisi. He said that mim had room to expand in ap and urged the party's officials there to concentrate on making the party stronger. Owaisi said that the party is also thinking about running in the AP. He urged the party members to be ready for the polls. He requested that they persuade people to reject Chandrababu.

It should be mentioned that mim previously ran for office in the states of Maharashtra, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka. mim is eager to grow its support and run for additional assembly seats. mim also intends to run in ap as part of this. But his criticism of Chandrababu and the pro-ruling party has people scratching their heads.

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