There is a "clear" evidence that a foreign government was involved in the execution of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, according to the head of Canada's New Democratic party, a partner of the country's ruling party. "As the prime minister shared publicly, there is Canadian intelligence which indicates that a Canadian citizen was killed on Canadian soil and a foreign government was implicated," NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said to reporters in Ottawa on Tuesday.

The fourth-largest party in the Lower house of the Canadian Parliament, the house of Commons, is Singh's New Democratic Party. Singh said his opinions were based on the intelligence briefing he received and that the accusations made against india by Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau were extremely serious.

The NDP leader stated, "This is unprecedented intelligence that has come forward, and for that reason we're going to continue to urge the Canadian government to have a thorough investigation that those responsible are brought forward." In response to a query, Singh stated that the united states has strongly backed Canada's demand for india to be transparent. He continued, "We're going to keep pushing for those things.

Former governor-general David Johnston, who had been appointed a special rapporteur to look into the matter, had created the files, according to Singh, who said he got the briefing on them. Johnston has since left the position.

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