jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan, is important from tourism, strategic and commercial point of

view. Domestic and foreign tourists keep coming here continuously. jodhpur airport is now included in the

selected airports of the world. Which came into existence before independence.

This 92 year old airport is the oldest airways in the country. Now a new terminal building is being built at a cost

of Rs 350 crore. After that, 12 aircraft will be able to stand on the apron simultaneously at this airport. Prime

minister narendra modi will lay the foundation stone of the building work for the grandeur of jodhpur Airport

on october 5.

Giving information about this program, Union Jal shakti minister gajendra singh shekhawat said that the

expansion work of jodhpur airport was pending for the last 30 years. The matter has been resolved by removing

the obstacles in the work of expansion of the airport. The airport is being expanded keeping in mind the needs

of the next 25 years. prime minister narendra modi will lay the foundation stone of the expansion work on

october 5 during his visit to Jodhpur.

While talking to journalists, Union minister Shekhawat said that this work was pending for the last 3 decades.

Now after getting the land from the air Force, success has been achieved in preparing a quadrilateral

agreement. This agreement has been signed between the State Government, airport Authority, Municipal

Corporation and air Force. The airport Authority has got land from the air Force for the expansion of the

airport. After its construction, 12 aircraft will be able to stand together. The airport will be prepared according

to the needs of jodhpur in the coming 20 to 25 years. A budget of about Rs 307 crore has been approved for the

new building and expansion works of the airport.

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