While the BRS party is motivated by the values of mahatma gandhi, according to BRS MLC and Rythu Bandhu Samithi president Palla Rajeshwar reddy, the bjp is carrying on the heritage of Gandhi's killer Nathuram Godse. The congress party was also condemned by him, and he called some of its members "fake Gandhis."

Rajeshwar reddy fired a broadside at prime minister narendra modi, accusing him of misleading the nation's citizens, while speaking to the media on monday at the BRS Legislative party office in this city. In response to Modi's claims that Telangana's irrigation projects did not provide a single drop of water, he questioned how such a claim could be accurate given that the State had produced a bountiful crop.

He criticised the bjp leaders for giving narendra modi the "wrong script" on the farmer suicides in telangana and gave them advice to fix it. He recalled that narendra Singh Tomar, the Union Agriculture Minister, had already stated in the parliament that there had been a sharp decrease in farmer suicides in telangana since the State's creation.

Rajeshwar reddy derided the bjp as the "Business Janata party," and he criticised the timing of Modi's pronouncements prior to the elections, especially his pledge to create a tribal university. He said that for the last nine years, the telangana administration had requested the Centre to build the tribal university, but in vain. He recalled that while the State government had given 335 acres in the mulugu area, the process of constructing the tribal institution had started in July of 2016 but had been delayed.

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