The upcoming ap assembly elections have sparked considerable interest, with several surveys attempting to predict the outcome. Of the ten surveys conducted so far, nine have indicated a victory for the ycp party, while one survey has suggested a chance for the tdp to win. The ABP C-Voter survey, conducted by a national media house, has particularly caught attention by predicting a victory for the tdp alliance in both the ap assembly and lok sabha elections.
According to the ABP C-Voter survey, the tdp alliance is expected to secure around 20 mp seats, with the bjp likely to win 5 to 6 seats. Conversely, the survey suggests that the congress party may not win a single seat. In terms of vote share, the tdp alliance is projected to receive 46.7% of the votes, with the ycp trailing at 39.9%. The survey indicates a five percent vote margin in favor of the alliance.

The survey attributes the potential loss of seats for the ycp to two main factors: the entry of Jagan's younger sister sharmila into the congress party and the incarceration and alleged mistreatment of chandrababu naidu for 53 days. It suggests that these actions may have created opposition among the public, leading to a decline in support for the YCP.

However, some political analysts caution against jumping to conclusions based solely on these factors, considering them insufficient to predict the election outcome definitively. They advocate for patience and further observation to determine the accuracy of the survey's predictions. Ultimately, only time will tell whether these survey results reflect the reality of the upcoming elections in AP.

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