Only Leader who is changing his party for every election..!?

 - Since 2014, Magunta has been changing his scarf for every election.

- Changed party three times in three elections.

- Will the tdp, which did not meet in 2014, win this time?

The family has a long political history. He has a reputation for doing politics with moral values. There is a belief among the people that those who step on the door of that house will have confidence and courage. But in the background of the changed political situation after the division of the state, the senior leader has been changing his party for every election. It has become a habit for him to change his party for every election and contest in the electionsEven in the latest elections, they are once again wearing a scarf and contesting. Who is he? He is mp Magunta srinivas Reddy.

Magunta Srinivasulu reddy won many times as an mp from the Ongole Center after doing politics in congress for a long time. He won consecutive victories as congress mp in the 2004-2009 elections from Ongole, after the division of the state, he contested as mp from Ongole in the 2014 elections and lost to yv subbareddy by a narrow margin of 13 thousand votes. After that Chandrababu honored him by giving him MLC. However, before the 2019 elections, he contested as an Ongole mp wearing a ycp scarf and defeated the former minister Sidda Raghava Rao who contested from the tdp by a huge margin of more than 200,000 votes.

He was an mp in ycp for five years but he did not get any priority. So he waited until the end to see if he would get the ycp mp ticket and then gave the seat to chevireddy Bhaskara reddy and then came back to TDP. 

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