Will the alliance come to power in andhra pradesh state? Will ycp come to power? Atmasakshi's survey on the question revealed that the coalition would face setbacks. It is noteworthy that no matter how many times the witness is surveyed, the result does not change. It is noteworthy that Atmasakshi revealed the results of his survey even two days before the polling in AP. It was exactly 14 days ago that the results of the last Atmasakshi survey were revealed.
Atmasakshi conducted a total of 7 surveys and announced the results of those surveys.   This survey says that voters in ap participated in voting divided by caste. Atmasakshi says that the volunteer system and the village secretariat system will mainly decide which party will win this election. Atmasakshi reveals that manifestos also play a vital role in the results of these elections.
The comments indicate that there is a possibility that the three parties forming an alliance will have an impact on the results of this election. According to the latest survey by Atmasakshi, it seems that there are chances of ycp winning in 105 to 115 seats. The alliance will win the rest of the seats. It will be known on june 4 whether the results of the self-testing will be true or not.
As the results of the Atmasakshi survey have been correct in many cases in the past, many believe that the predictions of the Atmasakshi will be true in this election as well. It is noteworthy that Chandrababu and jagan have already brought the results of the surveys from the exit polls organizations and there are comments that these two main leaders are clear about the results. ycp also believes that the self-witness accounts should be true. If the self-witness predictions are true then there is a chance to increase the credibility of this organization.

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