Andhra Pradesh aspires to be the most sought in these areas..!?

- hyderabad - secunderabad and guntur - vijayawada should be twin cities.
- guntur has to compete with the international market for pepper and tobacco
- chittoor is a center of cloth and silkworms


The three districts of uttarandhra are rich in resources. Along with the mines, there is a very important coastal area. If this is used comprehensively, the backwardness of uttarandhra can be removed. srikrishna Committee formed on state division said. It said that especially Vijayanagar and srikakulam districts have all the resources to develop. It is said that cashew fruit is growing here on a huge scale. Vijayanagara is the home of the arts. The area of agricultural production is also high. Also, if we try to use the coastal area in Visakha, surely miracles can be created.
Many experts say that any small attention given to this region, which has been chosen as the capital of the state will be an opportunity to move forward in the path of development. If the nearby krishna river is used. tourism will increase. Thus, the income of the state will increase. Also, if the guntur and vijayawada areas are developed as twin cities, the name of amaravati will surpass that of the twin cities of Hyderabad-Secunderabad. It progressed to some extent during Chandrababu's regime. But, it slowed down after jagan came to power. Even now.. if you pay special attention to this.. good will happen.


The demand for guntur spice and tobacco. international recognition is not all. That's why the central government has set up a tobacco board in this region. Moreover, if large-scale measures are taken to divert the water of the nearby krishna river to the Palnadu area, there will be an opportunity to increase the production of crops here. Most importantly, everyone knows that there are many mines here. Similarly, granite grains are also abundant. Observers say that it will be beneficial if the Palnadu area is fully utilized in such a background.

Nellore - prakasam :

There was a proposal during the YS regime to develop the nellore prakasam districts into twin districts. The only similarity between these two districts is the high coastal area. The demand for fish resources here is the highest in the world. Similarly, exports to sri lanka and other areas are also taking place from here. Here, honey, and cashew nut are world-famous. Even now, this area is famous for its cashew nuts and mangoes. If these are developed further, these two districts will be developed. Similarly, venkatagiri weavers are famous from Galli to Delhi. There is a need to promote this sector more.


The previous Chandrababu government thought to develop the Ummadi chittoor district as a tourist area, especially as a spiritual tourism area. However, whatever the reasons are, the development here has not progressed. There were plans to turn tirumala into a spiritual center. Also, chittoor is a center of cloth and silkworms. If these are taken forward, there is no doubt that they will move forward in the path of development.


Both the Godavari districts are named after the green areas. Konaseema Coconut is world-famous here. After Kerala, there are coconut products here at that level. But, in the absence of processing units, farmers are facing difficulties. Recently, pawan kalyan said that steps will be taken to establish the Kobbari Board. Similarly, this region is also famous as the Rice Bowl (Annapurna) of Andhra Pradesh. To develop it further, it is important to capture the waters of Godavari flowing into the sea to complete mega projects like Polavaram.


The big problem is that the rulers do not have the consciousness to develop. Limestone deposits are more and cement companies are more. Moreover vast land is available here. This makes it a suitable area for industries. But, all that is missing is water. Previous governments have worked to bring this here. Later, the incoming government took a step back. As a result, the development in these four districts has come to a standstill. The border movements of the Rayas also gained importance here. There is a need to try to change this situation.

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