Babu's super plan is to give them a chance as ministers..!?

•Highly educated in ministerial positions.

•A chance to become Ministers for those who were harassed by Jagan.

•If they are given a chance, ycp will start to fear.

It is known that Chandrababu took oath as cm for the 4th time on june 12. At present, the new cabinet of the state arouses interest among all. Because most of them are well-educated people. 11 ministers including chief minister Chandrababu Naidu are well educated. All of them have also completed post-graduation. Nara Lokesh, Nadendla Manohar, Ponguru Narayana, Vangalapudi Anita, Satyakumar, Nimmala Ramanaidu, payyavula keshav, Kandula Durgesh, TG Bharat, Kondapalli srinivas did PG. Dola bala Veeranjaneyaswamy, Mandipalli Ramprasad reddy studied medicine, Anam Ramanarayana reddy, kollu ravindra and Vasamshetty Subhash studied law. Also, kolusu parthasarathy and gottipati ravikumar studied engineering. Kinjarapu Achchennaidu, S. Savitha, gummadi Sandhyarani, and Aangani Sathyaprasad studied for the degree. While NMD Farooq and konidela Pawan Kalyan's educational qualification is Class 10, bc Janardana reddy has studied only up to Class 8. All other than three of them are well-educated. At present, well-educated leaders should be ministers for the development of the state. Only then will the development happen faster. During the last 5 years, there are less educated people in Jagan's government. Hence the development did not take place properly. As a result, people have now given their verdict. Another chance was given to TDP. If educated people come to power as ministers then the state will develop very fast. They have a good knowledge of the branches allotted to them. If there is any problem there is an opportunity to make the right decisions immediately. Babu formed his cabinet with a super plan.
It is remarkable that Chandrababu's cabinet has given opportunity to the affected leaders stuck in cases. Among them, Achchennaidu, kollu ravindra, and bc Janardana reddy were arrested and went to jail. Although many cases were registered against Narayana, he was not arrested. He got relief in the courts. Vangalapudi Anita, a telugu woman state president, was also caught up in cases and harassed. Also, many cases were filed against Rayachoti mla Ramprasad Reddy. Thus, Chandrababu appointed some of those who were harassed by Jagan's government in his cabinet. Chandrababu has a plan behind giving them a chance. If they are given a chance, ycp will start to fear. Therefore they cannot argue. Moreover, all of them were injured during Jagan's regime and now they have become lions, so they can shake the opposition who harassed them. So it will be known that it is Babu's super plan to give them a chance as ministers.

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