10 rajya sabha seats became vacant, political math…?

After the results of the lok sabha elections 2024, now 10 seats have become vacant in the Rajya Sabha. The rajya sabha Secretariat has notified these vacancies. This includes two seats each in Assam, bihar and maharashtra, and one seat each in haryana, madhya pradesh, rajasthan and Tripura. This time 10 rajya sabha MPs have reached parliament by winning the lok sabha elections. In this situation, the seats of these members of the Upper house have become vacant. After the notification is issued, now the election commission will announce new dates for the election to fill these vacancies in the Council of States.

Whose rajya sabha seats became vacant?

Talking about the vacant rajya sabha seats, the seats of Kamakhya prasad Tasa and sarbananda sonowal of Assam, Misa Bharti and vivek Thakur of bihar, Deepender Singh Hooda of haryana and jyotiraditya scindia of madhya pradesh have become vacant after these leaders won the lok sabha elections. Similarly, the seats related to udayanraje bhosale and piyush goyal of maharashtra, KC Venugopal of rajasthan and biplab kumar deb of Tripura have also fallen vacant. All these leaders have won the recently concluded lok sabha elections.

Giving details of the vacancy of the seats, the rajya sabha Secretariat said in its notification, "Pursuant to the provision of sub-section (2) of section 69 as well as section 67A and sub-section (4) of section 68 of the Representation of the people Act, 1951, he has ceased to be a member of the rajya sabha from the date of his election as a member of the 18th lok sabha i.e. june 4, 2024." The new dates for the election are likely to be announced in the coming days.

Who will hold on to the rajya sabha seats?

Elections are to be held on two seats each in Assam, bihar and maharashtra and one seat each in haryana, madhya pradesh, rajasthan and Tripura. bjp may retain both the seats in Assam. Actually, there is a bjp government in the state and the party has won 9 out of 14 seats in the state. The situation is similar in bihar as well. RJD may have to suffer losses here. However, a close contest can be seen in maharashtra and Rajasthan. At the same time, bjp can easily capture rajya sabha seats in haryana, madhya pradesh and Tripura.

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