Big announcements made in the interim budget!!!

In the interim budget of february 2024, three crore houses were built under PM Awas, and 2 crore more houses will be built in rural areas in the next five years. In the interim budget, it was said to promote vaccination for the increasing cervical cancer in India, under which it was said to give free vaccination to girls aged 9-14 years.

It was decided in february 2024 to raise the Lakhpati Didi objective to 3 crore. In the nation, one crore women have been made Lakhpati Didi thus far. In addition, PM Gati shakti Yojana established a goal to construct three new routes; in addition, the number of airports has expanded to 149 in the upcoming ten years. Vande Bharat's 40,000 bogies will be upgraded. There will be links between Metro and Namo Bharat and other cities.

Which areas will be the focus of the future budget for the new government?

Currently, no party in this election has a majority. Therefore, a very populist overall budget is anticipated. The average citizen will receive tax reduction in this entire budget; in addition, special announcements for the nation's farmers may be made. A lot more programs, such as PM Ujjwala Yojana, could be introduced. To keep the economy moving forward, the Modi administration may continue to prioritize infrastructure and the industrial sector in addition to all of this.

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