**Opinion: Naidu’s Swift Action on Pensions Highlights Stark Contrast with Jagan's Gradual Approach**

Telugu Desam party (TDP) supremo chandrababu naidu has made a triumphant return as the chief minister of andhra pradesh, and his early actions signal a brisk and determined governance style. Just yesterday, Naidu signed off on an increment in the state’s pension scheme, and the changes have already taken effect. This morning, the government of andhra pradesh issued the government Order (G.O.) implementing the new pension rates.

In a bold move that underscores his proactive approach, Naidu has raised the existing pension from Rs 3000 to Rs 4000. The pension for handicapped individuals has been doubled from Rs 3000 to Rs 6000, while fully handicapped individuals will now receive Rs 15,000, up from the previous Rs 5000. This swift execution is a testament to Naidu’s commitment to fulfilling his promises and addressing the needs of the most vulnerable segments of society.

The tdp and janasena cadres have not wasted time in contrasting this with the previous administration’s approach. Former chief minister jagan Mohan Reddy’s tenure saw a gradual, step-wise increase in pensions, taking five years to raise the amount from Rs 2000 to Rs 3000. Jagan’s incremental hikes, which amounted to Rs 250 each year, now seem sluggish when compared to Naidu’s decisive action.

In less than five days, Naidu has managed to hike the pension from Rs 3000 to Rs 4000, a feat that took jagan five years to achieve in smaller increments. This stark difference highlights Naidu’s sharpness and quick resolution capabilities, traits that many argue were the driving force behind his historical mandate in the recent elections.

The people of andhra pradesh appear to have craved this kind of leadership—one that doesn’t procrastinate but instead takes immediate and impactful actions. Naidu’s brisk start is a promising indicator of a dynamic governance style that could potentially accelerate the state’s development and address its pressing issues more effectively.

As the state watches these early days of Naidu’s tenure unfold, it’s clear that his approach to governance will be closely scrutinized. However, if these initial actions are anything to go by, andhra pradesh can expect a tenure marked by prompt decisions and significant improvements. This is the kind of leadership that instills confidence and hope in the electorate, setting a high bar for what proactive governance can achieve.

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