Chandrababu made that mistake in the case of payyavula Keshav..?

* payyavula keshav won five times.

* The ministerial positions given are the same.

* That's where Chandrababu made a mistake.

Payyavula Keshav entered politics at the age of 29 at the call of ntr and contested seven times as an mla from 1994 to 2024 and was elected as an mla five times. He lost the assembly elections in 1999 and 2014 when the telugu desam party was in power. payyavula keshav was elected mla in 2024 and took charge as minister of Finance & Planning, Commercial Taxes & assembly Affairs on 12 June. This time, the tdp party did not stand alone in the election, but the janasena along with the bjp entered the contest. This time also he contested from the uravakonda constituency and won against ycp leader Y Visveswara reddy who was his nearest candidate.
Everyone thought that since he won as an mla for the fifth time, he would definitely get a chance in Chandrababu's cabinet. As expected, he got a chance in Chandrababu's cabinet. Chandrababu gave him the posts of Finance, Planning, Commercial Taxes, and Legislative Ministry. Even though his followers and activists are very happy about him getting these positions, some people say that it would have been better if payyavula keshav had been given the revenue department even more than these ministerial posts. Also, some people are expressing their opinion that if his work is not good, he will take some time to learn about the ministries he has given him.

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