How jagan will deal with Sajjala in the coming days..!?

* Is Sajjala somehow responsible for YCP's defeat in AP?
* Did you widen the gap between jagan and the media?
* If Babu targets, will it be a problem for Sajjala's career?

Many believe that sajjala ramakrishna reddy is responsible for YCP's heavy defeat in ap elections. After the ycp came to power in 2019, Sajjala, who worked as an advisor to the ap government, has now become silent on the tdp leaders when the party was in power. It is noteworthy that there are comments that Sajjala is afraid that Babu will target him. Comments were expressed on the social media platform that Sajjala had given signals before the election results that the coalition's victory was certain. After the election results, there was a campaign that Jagan's biggest mistake was handing over social media responsibilities to Sajjala Bhargav. Sajjala, who argued that the verdict given by the supreme court in the case of postal ballots was wrong, is now silent.
Where is Sajjala after the election results? what are you doing There are no answers to the questions. The comments express that Sajjala, who has held various positions since the inception of ycp, is not standing by ycp during difficult times. Some unnamed YouTube channels sajjala ramakrishna reddy and Sajjala Bhargav are making comments. Opinions are being expressed on social media that jagan made an irreparable mistake by giving Sajjas an opportunity to talk to the media on every occasion. Comments are also being heard that Sajjala is the reason for the widening gap between jagan and the media. If the tdp party takes action against Sajjala, the future of Sajjala will be in jeopardy. Present conditions are not favorable for Sajjas. Only time has to answer the questions of how jagan will deal with Sajjala in the coming days.

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