No faith in EVMs... Jagan has no faith...!

In the elections held after independence in India, votes were cast through ballot papers. That method has been carried out across the country for many years. But as the scope of the assembly and parliament is very large and the number of voters is high, the vote counting program is a time-consuming task, so the EVM voting system has been brought into the country to reduce this. We all know about this method. We have to go into the polling booth and press the button next to the symbol we want.At the time of pressing, there will be a sound and the slip related to which party we want to vote will fall in that box. During the counting of votes, the EVM machine is connected to a system. It shows how many votes have been received by which party. If the candidates feel that there has been a mistake in the counting of the votes, they will be counted again. Since when this system came, many people have been opposing it.

Many have already called for the introduction of ballot paper voting as the old method of voting by this method is not correct. As part of that, maharashtra Nava Nirman Sena party President Raj thackeray had expressed strong opposition to EVM some time ago. At that time he strongly demanded that only ballot papers should be used in maharashtra elections. He also submitted a petition to the election commission at that time saying that they had many doubts about the functioning of EVMs.

Not only Viru but also KA Paul who is president of Prajashanthi Party many times cancel EVM votes. There were times when it was said to bring in the method of casting votes through ballot papers. Not only these two but many leaders have already opposed voting in this manner. Recently Jagan Mohan Reddy who is the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has strongly opposed this method. Recently a post related to that has also been made on social media.

Justice must not only be done... it must be seen. Also, democracy should not only be strong but also be visible. Almost every developed democratic country around the world uses paper ballots instead of EVMs in the electoral process. We should also move in the same direction to maintain the true spirit of our democracy," said jagan in a recent post. jagan Mohan reddy, who served as the chief minister of a state for five years, said that he does not believe in the EVM system. This post has now gone viral.

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