Farmers in Joy due to Bandaru Sravani..!?

 -Bandaru sravani took the lead with a majority of 9000 votes.

-Distribution of quality seeds for farmers.

-MLA issuing orders to officials.

Bandaru Sravani, who waited for the post of mla for a long time, finally contested from the Shinganamala constituency in the 2024 elections and got a huge victory. This time she started campaigning to win at any cost. Because of this, many people criticized her coming to power. But on her behalf, she launched her elder sister and organized campaigns. bandaru sravani tried to turn people towards her side with a side plan. And in the end, her hard work paid off. bandaru sravani took the lead with a majority of 9000 votes over Veeranjaneyu.
But bandaru sravani is trying to fix the work whether it has come to power or not. It seems that the work being done at the KVK farm in Reddypally was reviewed till 9 pm. Soon the farmers are going to harvest this season and they are giving quality seeds to the farmers. It seems that she visited this farm and tested the quality of the seeds as a part of joining. And the farmers there are expressing joy knowing this matter. It is noteworthy that they are expressing happiness that they are getting quality seeds. Moreover, they have ordered the officials to inspect the Penakacharla Dam near Garladinne and complete the pending works there as well.Also, it is known that if anyone comes to meet her, she has also arranged to come with a pen and books instead of flower vases. bandaru sravani promised to do her best for the people, youth, and students especially. However, there is no doubt that if they continue to do good things and develop, they will definitely come back to power.

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