What happened to Jagan's questioning voice..!?

- A single opposition mla can fight over the government's mistakes.
-  The defeated leaders are losing the philosophy of questioning.
- jagan does not seem to have a philosophy of questioning even in the assembly.

In any country or any state in a political democratic system, there must be a ruling party and an opposition party. Only then is there beauty in politics. Because of that public problems will also be fulfilled. It can be said that they cannot be real politicians if they follow the trend of fighting people's problems only if they have the power or don't need them. It must be realized that they have nothing to do for the people except for their thirst for power. No matter how many people are in the ruling party, even a single opposition mla can fight over the government's mistakes on public issues. There are many such incidents. There are many people who have fought in the parliament as well as in the Assembly.
 For example, Rammohan Naidu of Kinjara. He has already won three times as mp and made his voice heard in Parliament. At least he was not given a chance to speak but he used the time to address the problems of the state. It can be said that the post of Union minister has dried up today because there is so much talent. In the state of andhra pradesh, apart from the winning leaders, the defeated leaders are losing the philosophy of questioning. They are adding fire to the democratic system itself. That day Chandrababu did the same. Now jagan is going to do the same. Let us find out if they have public problems other than their hopes for office.

 Jaganmohan reddy ruled the state of andhra pradesh for five years. Many schemes have been brought. Many more problems are known. Some works were completed during his reign. Many more works are pending. It was at this moment that the tdp alliance came to power with a complete majority in the 2024 elections. ysr congress party lost 11 seats at least without opposition status. Even if there is no opposition status, if there is a questioning attitude, then it is opposition status. But it seems that jagan Mohan reddy still does not think of himself as the leader of the opposition. He came out of the assembly immediately after taking oath yesterday. At least he didn't wait until the entire swearing-in ceremony was over. Moreover, he does not seem to have a philosophy of questioning even in the assembly. It seems that they are thinking that he has fewer MLAs. Of the 11 present, four to five are likely to join the tdp alliance.

And he can make his voice heard in the assembly with the other five to six MLAs. Even if all the others are gone, he alone can fight the people's problems. He seems to have forgotten that only by fighting alone will he get recognition among the people. Any government makes many mistakes. It is the opposition leader who points out those mistakes. Why can't it be Jagan? Why jagan is not thinking in this sense? A real politician is one who fights on public issues with or without office. It can be said that he is not a true public service leader who knows public issues only if he has a position and fights in the assembly. Even chandrababu naidu in ap did not enter the assembly for more than a year because he insulted his family. He did not raise his voice on public issues. With the same trend, jagan also took oath and went out. If you look at his attitude, you can understand that he will not even have a chance to fight on public issues. It is a well-known truth that if we have the power to fight, we don't need many people around us, just one questioning voice is enough.

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