What is the budget of Amaravati...?

- Rs. Only if 25 thousand crores are given, amaravati will have a shape lines

- In the GST Council meeting, Finance minister Payyavula asked for 15 thousand crores

(Amravati - Herald of India)

CM Chandrababu said in the assembly that he will complete the construction of the ap capital Amaravati. Chandrababu revealed the goals of the state government while speaking on the occasion after electing the newly appointed Speaker. Among these he highlighted Amaravati. However.. Currently, this project requires Rs. lakh crores.. We will try to collect funds to this extent. minister Narayana said on the first day.

However.. in the background that they are finding it difficult to collect even this amount of funds, they will develop amaravati as a self-financed project. So far so good, the project needs up to 25,000 crores to carry out some work. In this context, Finance minister Payyavula Keshav recently asked the Center to give Rs. 15 thousand crores to the state, especially the capital. He proposed this while attending the GST Council meeting.

However, no assurance was received from Union Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman. In this context, if an effort is made to collect at least 15 thousand crores of rupees... it will be good. However..there is a good chance that the Center will mention the Partition Act of 2014. But, all the rates have changed between then and now. This law should be revised in the background of rising prices of all from contract firms to raw materials.

Is this possible? That is.. in the context of making amendments to the Constitution itself, making amendments to the Partition Act is not a big deal. But, the Center has to be convinced of this. Observers say that if this system is carried forward from the first day, it will be beneficial. Apart from that.. if the non-payment policy is adopted.. even if Rs. 15 thousand crores are given.. if the work is done with all that... there is no situation to move forward. Now the tdp which is strong at the center has a good chance of winning the capital.

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