What is the position of these two key leaders..!?

- He fought tirelessly for four years as eluru district party president.
- Sacrificed his unguturu seat for Janasena.
- No doubt that Chandrababu had a strong faith in Murali.

Chandrababu became the chief minister after winning the alliance with AP. Now Babu has to focus on the nominated positions. This time many party leaders sacrificed their seats as part of the alliance. Some seniors worked hard. Now it is interesting to know what kind of positions will be given to all of them. In this order, what is the position of the two key leaders who have been in the opposition party from eluru district for five years and struggled? It became interesting to get it. Former Unguthur mla and eluru district tdp president Ganni Veeranjaneyu and Chintalapudi former mla Ghanta murali Ramakrishna both fought hard for the five years they were in the opposition of the party. The mine was aimed at Ungutur and the entire eluru district and they worked hard day and night for five years. He led the party forward by coordinating among the cadre so that no small quarrel arose within his district.
Finally, he had to sacrifice his Unguthur seat to Ganni Janasena. Ganni Veeranjaney will get the first priority in the distribution of nominated posts. He led the party as eluru district party president for five years and made it a clean sweep in the elections. Along with this, he also sacrificed his Unguthuru seat. It is interesting to see what position Ganni will get in this sequence. Along with the district-wide telugu desam party cadre, the entire telugu Desam cadre of the Unguthur constituency is insisting that Ganni should definitely get a key post. Once upon a time, the kamma Pamajika community was politically dominant in the combined west godavari district. In this election, along with Nidadavolu and Unguthuru assembly seats, which are traditional seats of the kamma community in the telugu desam party, the eluru MP seat also has to be vacated for other communities.

In this sense, everyone thinks that Ganni will definitely get a key position. Former Chintalapudi mla Ghanta murali Ramakrishna joined the party when the party was losing and worked hard for five years. In Chintalapudi Constituency, he visited every village for five years and supervised the party activities as a senior leader. After leading the party in Chintalapudi, Ghanta murali got special praise from Chandrababu on many occasions. Even before the election, Chandrababu gave priority to the Chintalapudi seat and election management. However, there is no doubt that Chandrababu had a strong faith in Murali. Although there is no clarity as to what posts Chandrababu will give, MLC, ZP Chairman, and DCCB Chairman posts will definitely be given to these two leaders but it is exciting to know what posts they will get..!

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