The entertainment industry, including Bollywood, is indeed known for its emphasis on media coverage, public relations, and social media presence as crucial elements for the success and visibility of actors and actresses. Creating and maintaining a public image is often seen as an essential part of an artist's career. 

While talent and successful films are undoubtedly important, the constant buzz and attention generated through media coverage and social media engagement can significantly impact an artist's popularity and marketability. In recent times, the trend of celebrities sharing aspects of their personal lives, including relationships and daily activities, on social media has become increasingly common.

 This not only helps in building a direct connection with fans but also ensures a continuous presence in the news and gossip columns. Such visibility can translate into more opportunities, endorsements, and film projects. However, it's crucial to note that not all actors choose to follow this path, and many focus primarily on their craft and the quality of their work rather than creating a persona for media consumption. 

The balance between personal and private life is a personal choice for each artist, and the reasons for adopting a particular strategy can vary. In the competitive and ever-evolving world of entertainment, staying relevant and in the public eye has become an integral part of a celebrity's journey. While it may involve carefully planned strategies, it's ultimately the audience's response to an artist's work and public image that shapes their success in the industry.

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