Krishna Janmashtami: Lord Krishna's love and Feelings!!!

As soon as krishna Janmashtami comes, we start remembering all the dear things of Kanha, like Kanha used to play the flute (Krishna Flute) for the gopis, tortured his mother for butter, and all the pastimes of Kanha appear before the eyes. 

Many people are crazy about these expressions of Krishna, but many secrets are also hidden behind them. Some want to have krishna as a son and some want to have him as a husband. Call krishna in any form, he comes running, just the feelings of the mind should be true. 

Lord Krishna's love and Feelings

To feel close to god, you must have that feeling which can connect your soul to him. If there is no devotion, then one cannot get closeness to God. Everyone adopts god with his own feelings and he also receives it. According to his own sanskar, krishna of Braj was seen by a man by adopting it from three perspectives. Nanda-Yashoda, they had taken krishna with affection. To love Param Purush as one's own child (Mata Yashoda) and to be happy with him, its name is Vatsalya Bhava. Krishna's cosmic father Vasudeva and cosmic mother Devaki were deprived of this affection, they found the son when he grew up.

The love of Radha and krishna was also similar. Radha established herself in one point from all aspects of body, mind and wealth i.e. physical, mental, social, and spiritual and then realized Krishna. This is the spirit of Radha, the sense of melody. 

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