Does Virat Kohli's baby boy's name have such a meaning?

 Former indian cricket team captain virat kohli and bollywood actress anushka sharma have a baby boy. The couple is very happy to announce this on their social media page. The baby was born on february 15th and this news was announced only five days later. The first child, Vamika, was born in january 2021, and now the second child is a boy. What is his name? This child has been named Akaay. Fans were confused whether this name was a hindi word or some other word. But virat kohli has always lived life with poetic grace. His wife takes care of everything for the child. Will he leave it in name only? He has a special name for the prince who has come to rule his kingdom.
Akaay is a legendary word in Turkish. It means a shining moon. And it has another meaning. Akaay means guide and one who leads with hands. There is also such a thing as a guardian. And this name can be given to both boys and girls. This is why virat kohli has chosen such a different name. virat kohli hurriedly left the cricket match and went to give birth with his wife to see his prince. Fans are praising him for this. Fans are praising him as a good hero for the country and a good leader for the family.

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