Gautham Gambhir plans to end Rohit and Kohli's domination..!?

It is almost certain that gautam gambhir is going to be the head coach of the indian cricket team. It seems that the official notification will be released in a few days. Gambhir has gone to mumbai today to participate in the advisory meeting. There he meets key executives including bcci President Roger Binny and bcci Secretary Jayshah. Gambhir has informed the bcci officials about what changes he wants to make in the indian cricket team and what he is going to do if the coaches are appointed.
He is also asking bcci to agree to his plan if he wants to become a coach. While the news that Jonty Roots should be appointed as the indian team's fielding coach was announced yesterday, now Gambhir's second plan has shocked the fans. Gambhir has said that two or three teams should be formed separately for the indian team. Accordingly, Gambhir has insisted that one team for T20, one team for one-day matches, and a separate team for Test matches should be prepared. It is a good thing that most of the players who are waiting for the opportunity will get a place in the indian team.
Also, the same players will be banned from sitting and batting in all three forms of cricket. Especially star players like virat kohli and rohit sharma are currently participating in all three types of cricket. We keep playing because of this. Due to this, some are withdrawing from Test matches as we need rest. To prevent this, Gambhir has insisted that individual players must be selected for Test matches. While Gambhir's effort is certainly welcome, it is seen as a wedge for virat kohli and Rohit Sharma.

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