The #BiggBoss7 telugu reality show set is now being built at a rapid clip in the annapurna studios complex, which is situated in the centre of the city. But this time, it's believed that the show's creators, star maa and Endemol Shine, are taking extra precautions to prevent information breaches and other mishaps. In fact, the #BiggBossOTT producers recently made sure that all of the web editors, associate directors, and other key crew members were on the set for the whole 100-day production.

That implies that even the crew will be kept inside while the contenders are. The primary motivation for doing this is to prevent conidial contraction, and the secondary motivation is to prevent information leaking. They now want to increase his security layer by two. This time, it's possible that not every member of the bigg boss team would be staying there, but they still want to prevent knowledge leaks. For that reason, extra sets are being built so that eliminated participants can remain there rather than leaving on saturday night since the elimination is shown on Sunday.

The set is being changed at the same time so that no one will be able to see the competitors or their movements, not even from the annapurna Studio location or the nearby buildings. While the Endemol Shine team is already finalising the competitor list for this new season of bigg boss, Akkineni nagarjuna recently shot the promo.

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