How Boeing can bring these nasa scientists back to Earth?

A big update has come out regarding the Boeing Starliner, which takes astronauts to the international Space Station. In fact, due to problems in Boeing's Starliner capsule, which is still standing on the international Space Station, the plan to bring its two astronauts back to Earth has been reversed, as last-minute improvements and testing have brought an important mission to Boeing's space department.

According to The Hindu report, nasa has rescheduled the planned return three times and now has not set any date for it. Let us tell you that after the launch on june 5, there have been 5 helium leaks in the capsule, while, 5 thrusters have stopped and one valve has not been able to close completely, due to which the crew in space and mission managers in Houston have had to spend more time repairing in the middle of the mission.

Starliner can be docked to the ISS for 72 days

Meanwhile, NASA's Commercial Crew Manager Steve Stich said during a media interaction that Starliner can remain docked to the international Space Station for up to 45 days. But, if necessary, such as if more problems arise that mission officials cannot fix in time, it can remain docked for up to 72 days, relying on multiple backup systems, according to a person familiar with the flight plan.

Starliner's new return date set for July 6 - Source

According to NASA's internal sources, Starliner's new return date has been set for July 6. A source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said such a return date would mean that the mission originally planned for 8 days would last a month. At the same time, Starliner's current problems are centred on the system, which is needed to take the capsule away from the ISS and dive into Earth's atmosphere.

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