Viral: A youth taking bathing on the bike at signal!!

A young man and his friend were driving close to the police signal for the Erode district. They immediately stopped the car behind them as one leapt off the bike and began recording the other and the other got ready to take a bath on the road. The man sat on his two-wheeler and started to pour water on his head while holding a bathing mug in his hand. The spectators were in a state of disbelief.

When they noticed these youths' peculiar attitude, the traffic cops who were already at the light ran to them. When the two were detained by the police, the man identified himself as Faroo and stated that he was from the tamil Nadu village of Vellodi in the Erode district, officers questioned about their unusual on-road activities, for that they replied - "I liked this since it helped me win the wager and spread the word on social media to get likes and shares. I didn't plan to clog up the streets or bother people in general".

"I only did it for the cash and the likes on social media. He was subsequently taken into custody on charges of disrupting the peace, producing a scene, and not wearing a helmet. The police department warned the teen not to partake in such pointless behaviour and levied a fine of Rs. 3500. Anyone who ignores these instructions will face charges. social media users are perplexed by this strange sight and looking for amusing explanations.

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