Roja turned into Santa Claus..! The family cried tears of joy!

A video of Andhra minister Roja dressed as Santa Claus visiting a family and giving gifts is going viral. What is the background of this video? You can see why a minister meeting a private family is being talked about so much. Roja is the one who made her debut as an actress and is creating a storm in Andhra politics today. She who has seen many trials in politics to get her own recognition has grown into a personality that india today is amazed by. No matter how many obscene comments are thrown at her, she stands bravely and shines in politics.
Today is Andhra chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy's birthday. She usually does something nice for his birthday. Last year she helped a girl to study MBBS. Adopted a village in her native constituency Nagari. It is in that order that what she did today has surprised many people. Nagaraj, a disabled person from vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, owns a shop selling sandals on the side of the road. He has no two legs. He is married and has two daughters. wife Kejiyao is bedridden with one kidney failure. This family has longed for something magical to happen in their lives. Their permanent income is Rs 3000 as a government pension. In this, Nagaraj has been struggling to educate his two daughters.In this context, there was news about the plight of the Nagaraj family in the news. Mentioning the video, someone asked minister Roja on X site to help him. Roja messaged that our team will contact you. As a result, Santa Claus went as a surprise to Nagarajun's house in Vampe Colony, vijayawada today. Nagaraj, a Christian, is thrilled to see Santa Claus at his home. After that was the real shock for him. He is overjoyed to know that minister Roja has arrived as Santa Claus.

Roja celebrated christmas with the Nagarajun family by cutting a cake and giving gifts to her daughters. She also gave a cheque of Rs 2 lakh for the children's education. Roja's surprise visit brought joy to the entire family. Speaking about Roja's visit to his house, Nagaraj said, "his wife and he are in such a condition that they will die anytime. Roja's father's name is Nagaraj. He is not alive now. As a result, Roja, knowing the difficulty of this Nagarajun, went straight to help. minister Roja generally makes a habit of helping others. netizens are showering praises on social media for Roja, who inspired Roja by going to the home of a disabled person and cutting a cake with his family.

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