According to police on Thursday, a guy from Malad in mumbai alleged that he discovered a nail-pierced piece of skin in an ice cream cone he purchased online. They added that despite the possibility that it is a fragment of a human finger, it has been submitted for analysis. According to the police, the crime happened on wednesday afternoon.
The complainant in this instance, a 26-year-old Malad West resident doctor with an MBBS, had placed an order for a Yummo company butterscotch ice cream cone. He discovered a half-inch-long chunk of flesh with a nail in the ice cream while eating it after lunch, he added.

According to him, the individual, who is studying graduate work, brought up the issue and complained to the ice cream firm via its instagram page.
However, the complaint put the piece of flesh in an ice bag and went to the Malad police station as the firm did not respond appropriately, the officer stated.
He added that the police had filed a case against officials of the Yummo ice cream firm based on his accusation.
The official stated that an inquiry is underway and that "the piece of flesh, suspected to be a piece of human finger, has been sent for forensic examination to ascertain whether it is a part of the human body."

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